About Good Questions

From "I think, therefore I am" to "We learn, therefore we can"

There's so much information and know-how available on the web and lots of people who are incredibly good at efficient and effective online communication: spreading messages, supporting education and learning, sharing ideas etc.

But knowing or understanding something is very different from being able to do it, or knowing how well you do it. You can learn the trumpet on YouTube, hone your business skills in online universities, wire your house following chat forums etc. Often, though, this can result in new understanding and good intentions, but little change in practice or action. It can be easy, with so much online know-how, to think that you can do things, simply because you know where to find out how to do them.

Good Questions is a place for building social learning environments, where people assess their knowledge, understanding and skills together and learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. Tools on Good Questions enable people to take ideas and apply them to change what they do.

What's it all about?

We're interested in supporting three very broad areas:

  • education and learning
  • creativity and expression, including the arts
  • sustainability

Underlying all of this is a real interest in how everyone could be exceptional - exceptional at being themselves and exceptional at doing the things they can do best. Much of our society today across the world is about being the best. Very few people can be best but everybody can be exceptional. That's not to say that "exceptional" isn't as good as "best", it's about a shift of emphasis towards individual people being themselves and working effectively with others.

Who's it for?

Good Questions has been designed for

  • people who want to work with others to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • people who want to help others learn or achieve things with groups of people (teaching a class, running a campaign, developing professional skills, developing a project, building a network of like-minded people etc.)

Often these are the same people!

How does it work?

Good Questions is built around a flexible, well-tested approach for working with teams of people...

Good questions get you thinking

Your responses & peer reviews create a profile of strengths & weaknesses

Post your own experiences and learn from others

Try out actions, or suggest what others could do

Work in groups – for teams, organisations, or networks

Can I make my own tools?

If you'd like to use Good Questions to create tools for your areas of interest and work, please contact us. We're keen to work with individuals and organisations working in social sectors, such as arts, education and sustainable development.

Get in touch!