How well do you build and sustain young people's motivation and commitment?

This is critical for young people driving their own learning. There are lots of important considerations: e.g. making sure achievements are recognised and valued, allowing mistakes to be made and learnt from, keeping things relevant to young people, ensuring they have a sense of ownership of their own learning, helping them to identify goals and things to aim for, and ensuring there is adequate challenge.
No, not at all
Yes, I do this a lot, and very effectively


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About this tool...

This tool takes you through questions about many different aspects of supporting children and young people's musical progression.

Along the way, you can find out about some of the experiences of other people working in musical progression, and share your own.

There are suggested actions for individual questions, which are designed around the user roles you have specify in your profile.

At the end of the tool, your responses are analysed against different sets of ingredients related to progression, so you can get an impression of where your strengths and weaknesses might be.